What's New?

February 2007. We just completed a project for the Irish National Climbing Centre in western Ireland. This project required taking photographs of the existing area, and adding rendered and extruded representations of a proposed new development. Since this project is in a very environmentally sensitive area, it required great attention to detail, including landscaping and precise use of building materials.

This project follows on to an extensive multi-media project we did for this group in 2006.

February 2007. We completed a design project for the newest Cordillera Coffee shop in Marikina City, Metro Manila Philippines. Cordillera produces and sells what many consider the best coffee available anywhere. It is a company committed to giving coffee growers a fair price for their beans, but also a company committed to giving consumers great value. We are also currently working on two additional new branches for Cordillera - one in Baguio City, Philippines, and one located on campus at the University of the Philippines.

February 2007. We were pleased to add Value Added Exports to our list of web site designs. VAX sources products in China and the rest of Asia, for sales in the west. Please visit this site at www.v-a-x..com

January 2007. Working in conjunction with a California based e-commerce company, we finished graphic design work for Universal Studios Credit Union. Please visit this site at www.universalstudioscu.org.

January 2007. We continue to produce several business card designs a week for Business Cards Direct in College Station Texas. This company produces very high quality full color business cards at low prices. They can be contacted in the US on +1 979 218 1812 or visit their website on www.businnesscardstexas.com

December 2006. We worked with a large contractor producing technical drawings for a water jet stone cutting process for one of the largest new casinos in Macau. We had previously worked with this same contractor doing a large hotel renovation project in Mississippi, USA.

December 2006. We were pleased to announce the opening of our Boston (USA) representative office. In addition, we added a toll free number that works from anywhere in the U.S. - 1-888 RLTY GRX.

December 2006. Reality Graphix finished the merger process with CCAYU Architects under the new name Reality Graphix, Inc. CCAYU had been in business since 1984 providing design and graphics services for clients in China, Europe, and the Philippines.